Cake Pans and Boxes: Commercial vs Home Baking

Dixie with mixer bowl

Ever wonder why your cake won’t fit in the box you bought at the cake decorating supply store?  Or why you need more than a cake mix to fill up your “quarter sheet” 9”x13” cake pan to it’s full 2” height?

Commercial bakery Full Sheet Cakes are 16” x 24”.  Half Sheet Cakes are then 12” x 16” and Quarter Sheet Cakes are 8” x 12”.  Boxes are made for commercial bakers, so they are 18’ x 26” for full sheet, 14” x 19” for half sheet and 10” x 14” for quarter sheet.

Home bakers are sold 9” x 13”, 11” x 15” and 12” x 18” pans … decorated cakes just don’t fit on the boards or in the boxes.  Magic Line makes absolutely beautifully constructed cake pans, sold by many cake decorating supply shops.  Even though Magic Line keeps 8” x 12” (quarter)  and 12” x 16” (half) in stock, local suppliers just do not carry them, and I just don’t understand why.  One cake mix fills the 8” x 12” pan perfectly to the top when baked and two cake mixes does the same for the 12” x 16” pan.

I do carry a small number of each of these pans in stock, and I am working to find out about selling taxable items, like the pans, at my on-line store.  Until this is accomplished, I would be happy to accept orders by phone or email and bill you through PayPal or accept your credit card payments.  Please contact me with questions. 

8”x 11” pans $17.00    12” x 16” pans $20.00 (plus shipping)

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