Even though Dixie’s Icing is typically used for occasions of indulgence or celebration, today’s world of allergic reactions, diabetic concerns and dietary planning calls for easy access to full product content information. 

We are very proud of our ingredient and nutritional panels and are pleased to present as much information as possible.  If further information is needed, please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Dixie’s Icings are:

Gluten  Free  (No Wheat) for those with Celiac Disease

               “Starch” listed on the label is Corn Starch.

Dairy Free

              for the Lactose Intolerant

Nut Free

              No nuts are used in our manufacturing process. 

              Our Almond Vanilla Icing is made with artificial Almond flavoring, -

              not a source of nut allergen.

High Fructose Corn Syrup Free

              Only Genuine Granulated and Powdered Sugars are used.


Cholesterol Free

              Only pure Vegetable Shortening is used

0 grams Transfat

Dixie’s Icing DOES contain Meringue Powder,

which includes POWDERED EGG WHITE.

Following is Carbohydrate Information.   Dixie’s “carb count” is relatively low compared with other ready-to-use icings.  The light, fluffy consistency allows

icing to be spread quite thinly without tearing or crumbling the cake. Carbs per serving could be reduced depending on your application of the product. Exception: Cookie Icing is quite dense by design for it’s intended application.

For your convenience.... the ingredient lists and nutritional panels

as they appear on the labels for each of our five icing varieties