Definitely Dixie’s

Traditional Buttercream Taste, Light & Fluffy Texture

Not Too Sweet, No Greasy Aftertaste

Perfect Icing for Just Spreading or Fancy Decorating

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Homemade Icing Taste, Pre-made Convenience

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Dixie’s Icing has the rich taste and quality ingredients of buttercream icing, with the light consistency of whipped icing.  It’s the perfect icing for decorating cupcakes,

birthday cakes, wedding cakes, or just easy frosting

for spreading on your family cakes and cookies.

Available in white icing, chocolate icing or

24 vibrant colored icings including red icing and

                                black icing with no bitter aftertaste.

                                    Watch our video for more details.  

Evaluate the real cost to make your own homemade buttercream cake or cupcake decorating icing recipe, Try Dixie’s easy, fluffy white, chocolate or color cake decorating icing, MakeYourOwn.html